We Will Rail

I woke up this morning entirely too early once again. This morning was a bit different than the other “why are my eyes open so early” mornings.

The brain is an amazing thing. While we sleep, it tends to mull over things we’re often not aware we were even thinking. Things from days, weeks, even months ago. My brain apparently has been trying to figure out why there is this schism or rift in the online atheist community. I wasn’t even aware that I had been thinking of such things. In the wee hours of this morning, it hit me.

For many of us atheists, a large portion of our lives were governed by religion. We were told how to think and how to act -if you didn’t comply, well you were a bad theist. We broke free of the belief in “god” and the control of religion and found a fantastic online community of atheists. We weren’t being told how to think and how to act based on a belief or lack thereof. At least for a while.

Then something happened. A group of atheists decided to tell us how to think and how to act. The premise is if we aren’t thinking and acting beyond simply not believing in deities, we are obviously bad atheists. Our atheism was supposed to be something more than non-belief. Atheism is now to incorporate feminism and all manners of social justice issues. If you don’t comply, you’re a misogynist (yes, even the women) and a bad person.

So, we’ve railed. And we’ll continue to rail. In this light, the schism is a beautiful thing.