Don’t Be A Chester

I’m sure you’ve seen the type – eager to run off to others and say “look here – aren’t they just sooo mean?”. One or two people on Twitter come to mind whenever I think of Chester.

My point is this: if your sole purpose on the Skepti-Schism Network is to do nothing but troll, harass, or start needless fighting, I will gladly and very easily ban you (by IP) from the entire network. Disagreeing and participating in actual debate are entirely different matters. I will be watching, closely.

Update: Parge reminded me of why I started this network and how I don’t want to end up like the very people I find despicable and hypocritical. So, no banning unless your name is Dawn Gordon or you’re simply a spammer.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Be A Chester”

  1. I’d err on the side of anarchy. If I might invoke a role model, I reckon Lsouma has been doing a pretty decent job not banning people for arbitrary reasons. I know you have a real-life stalker and must take certain steps to keep that harassment at bay. However, we all know how it feels to have what we think is genuine, meaningful discourse labelled as “trolling”, “harassment”, or “needless fighting” (I think the kids are calling it “derailing” these days.) It’s your baby, but keep in mind that your baby was born in the cesspit of freeze peach and pseudo-edit buttons. The Slyme zeitgeist is to “own your shit”. You’ve got a ready-made audience who aren’t afraid to call out bullshit, even though they can’t always decide what is and isn’t bullshit. Just know that the banhammer is a litmus test that can reveal an unpleasant aspect of your character. Look at Loftus. I used to think he was rational and fair-minded until he started purging dissent and uncomfortable associations. A judge must abandon self for justice to survive.

  2. Sigh. I know you’re right. I just hate seeing someone in particular using this network as his own personal fire hydrant, you know?

  3. I think where we missed out was in not having a pool set up where could all bet on how long it would take that certain someone to show up.

    Also, check your PMs at The Pit.

  4. No names? He does remind you of Beetlejuice, doesn’t he? Wouldn’t want the vanity troll to get a whiff of his sobriquet. And when I call him a troll, I use the term in it’s proper sense. I can’t imagine anyone would be such an acutely obtuse toady and not be taking the piss.

    I think he’s more like the herpes of the schism. You never know when he’s going to show up. And when he does, he’ll be uncommonly irritating and you won’t be able to get anything productive done. Neither party is immune and there’s little chance that he’ll go away for good.

  5. Let them come, I say. Just don’t engage them.

    On my political blog, I have but three restrictions — No:
    1) Promises to commit a crime (It’s an FBI thing, peeps);
    2) Insinuating that my mother never loved me (she’s a sweetheart & we’re very close);
    3) Questioning why I couldn’t get a prom date (I did; we’re still friends.)

    The last two are quite frequent whenever I criticize rad fems.

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