Courtesy of “The Block Bot”

Looking for some great people to follow on Twitter? Have I got a list for you! Keep in mind that as you get to the bottom of the list, there are a lot of accounts created by one Dawn Gordon (stalker extraordinaire) that you might want to steer clear of. But the top 50 or so? Excellent choices!


Thanks go to Oolon. Oh, and …

I’m #3! I’m #3! I’m #3! Woohoo!

7 thoughts on “Courtesy of “The Block Bot””

  1. You need to talk to @Metaburbia he has totally created a follow bot, weird he hasn’t advertised it as he was confident he could fap one out in a nights coding…

    Anyway be careful as a lot more out and out asshole misogynists have been added, I mean really nasty ones! Also a shit ton of TERFs on there, while I think it would be funny if half the pit started following @bugbrennan and friends it’s only fair to warn you.

    BTW do you really think I’ll cry a river if you all follow each other on Twitter? I wouldn’t provide the list if I did, @SteveWCOA wanted it so I created it for him! I have a password protected admin screen with more info on so I don’t need it.

  2. Being on the list, I am protected from accidentally following jerks or having their bs on my timeline. Still, if I felt like it, I could read their tweets on their profile and retweet or reply to them. This is pretty cool. Thanks for adding me!

  3. How very interesting. It looks as though if you go private on Twitter for a bit, you get removed from the Block Bot 😀

    Edit: Actually, you’ll still be on it but at the very bottom of the list. I am way down at the bottom now 😀

    2nd Edit: Having been back on public with Twitter for a day or so, I’m back at #4.

  4. Ool0n’s peculiarly proud of a piece of very easy code…the only possibly tricky bit, the Twitter oAuth, he sensibly used someone else’s library.

    As it happens I do have a bot running – you can see its Twitter stream over at The thing James has over me is that I can’t see an easy way to use or particularly useful purpose for a general wide-scale automated bot.

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