I Am Not A Judge But I Play One Online

Sexual harassment. Sexual abuse. Rape. If you’re a victim of any of these things, report it. I’ll say it again: report to the police/proper authorities when you are a victim of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and/or rape. Shame be damned. There needs to be a public record of these activities in case the perpetrator continues with other people.

That being said, I’m sure more than enough of you online who are even mildly active in the atheist/skeptic world have read the public posts put out regarding possible sexual crimes and one very public figure. I have a huge problem with this. With just a few typed paragraphs, another somewhat prominent atheist public figure has painted himself a judge and his smarmy little followers the jury.

Here’s one bit from that post that bothers me immensely:

She’s also afraid that the person who assaulted her before could try to hurt her again.

Why hasn’t this person gone to the police? It is stated she informed the organization running the conference where the incident took place and it was ignored. Fine. That’s when you step outside the organization and inform the authorities. But she didn’t. Again, I say shame be damned.

The victim wants to ensure this doesn’t happen to others. Once again, instead of going to the police or authorities, she decides to let a friend know – one who is somewhat known publicly and who already has demonstrated a dislike of the accused. All in the name of “wanting to get the word out there”.

Do you truly want to get the word out there? Report these incidents to the police/authorities. Encourage other people who have had this happen to do the same. Do not get some minor hack of an online atheist celebrity to play “Judge Judy” online.

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  1. What worries me is that Myers et al are probably using the Newspeak definition of ‘rape,’ where having a drop of alcohol in one’s system renders one incapable of giving consent. If so, the case might not be actionable in the eyes of the law, nor, ethically, should it. I also find it suspiscious that a rash of these accusations are coming all at the same time. It is almost as if they all put their heads together and had the idea: “Hey, let’s put all these people in jail! That’ll learn them!”

    1. Using the SJW definition of rape (any heterosexual interaction that the woman may subsequently decide was in any way regrettable) isn’t going to help them in a court of law.
      Judges take a dim view of trying to invent your own meanings for words.

    2. The alcohol bit that people like PZ and Watson put out bothers me quite a bit as well. All it takes is one time where you realize the amount of liquor you’ve put in your body has caused you to do things you normally wouldn’t and you (as a rational person, anyway) put yourself on alert. If you don’t, those around you and care about you usually will.

      The problem presented by Watson/PZ and their ilk is exactly as you stated. The tiniest amount in your system and you (if you’re a woman, btw) are rendered incapable of making a rational decision. The part that bugs me is that this never applies to men. Only if you’re a woman. At that point if you make a decision regarding sex that you regret in the morning, you can scream rape. But if you’re a man and this same scenario plays out, if you claim rape there’s something just “wrong” with you. Am I right?

  2. One of my reasons for prosecuting my stalker was when I found out from neighbors that he was also targetting the international students in my neighborhood (one of whom is physically disabled). I could have dealt with it– I have a car (to avoid being outside), I do martial arts, I have a dog, I have guns. The international kids dont. I also have the English skills to describe exactly what was happening to the cops. If one of those women got kidnapped, raped, assaulted, killed– My silence would have played a role in the crime.

    Furthermore, my stalker had a long criminal history of violence, psychiatric episodes, drug/alcohol abuse, in addition to military training. Law enforcement was worried about my physical safety, and I was escorted to/from work for a while.

    You highlighted something that is being overlooked, as the ‘rape’ claim is so outrageous:

    “She’s also afraid that the person who assaulted her before could try to hurt her again.”

    I can find no criminal history for Shermer, at all. I mean not even any recent speeding tickets. They are not just accusing him of serial rape– they are accusing him of being capable of committing extreme, if not deadly, violence. If she speaks up, he will hunt her down and hurt her.

    I dont even…

    1. She could also be afraid of Shermer being able to harm her professionally/socially. I know it sounds ridiculous, but think about just how…invested…some of these people are in this shit. For some, a year without TAM is a wasted year. Not being a part of that scene or having someone with “pull” in that scene “working against you” must have real implications for someone who has their entire life wrapped around the skeptics arena.

      that’s kind of sad when you think about it, but that may have been what she meant.

    2. That’s the bit that bugs me the most. That the person in question feels she could be “hurt” again. And if she has the same fears for others, she needs to report this stuff. You don’t just rely on someone like PZ to put out a “warning”. What PZ has done isn’t a warning. It’s a lynch mob type post hoping to gather the most hate-filled comments as possible.

  3. I’m not a lawyer, but I slept with one, so here’s my ‘expert’ opinion: Peez is fucked.

    Only if he’s completely insane will this ever result in a suit. But there are three letters heading down the pike. The first will be addressed to Peez directly, who should show it to his attorney, who will advise Peez to issue a full retraction.

    That’s if his internet host, who’ll be receiving the second letter, even keeps Pharyngula up. Almost Diamonds and Blag Hag are also likely next on the chopping block.

    Then Peez will have to deal with his employer after they’ve received the third letter. How they’ll react is hard to suss. At the very least, they’ll want him to issue a statement disassociating the school from his libelous words. They might suddenly realize that his blogging and speaking circuit activities conflict with his teaching duties, and ask him to choose one or the other. Since Peez has enraged or slandered every individual and org that sends out lecturer invites, he’d be wise to take the steady income from Biology 201 & 301 — if that’s even still an option.

    Peez exhibits borderline behavior & anger management issues, and talks tough with his porcupines and banhammer. But he’s at heart a coward. And, unlike some of his compatriots, he’s not entirely detached from reality. I expect him to tuck tail before long.

  4. My problem with this kind of public naming and shaming is twofold. Firstly, by doing so FTB is exposed to a libel suit that (regardless of the merits of the accusation: justification is almost always an unsuccessful defense in libel) will succeed in obtaining large monetary damages from them. Secondly, and far more importantly, Michael Shermer’s reputation has been irrevocably damaged by the online publication of these accusations. Of course, it should be, and he should suffer mightily if he is guilty. And if he isn’t? Will all the commenters walk away whistling innocently? One cannot destroy a life so nonchalantly, and the blasé assumption of guilt adopted by most commenters there is quite terrifying. I have no axe to grind in this argument. I believe myself to be a feminist. I am no MRA and actively loathe the apologists who would defend their predatory sexual behaviour. My partner of 37 years will happily agree that we are equals and have always worked together that way. I am incensed that when I stand up for the civil rights of another, regardless of sex, I am automatically classified as a sexist, an MRA, a rapist etc etc. Frankly, much as Mr Shermer deserves what he will get if found guilty by the proper channels, I will be delighted to see FTB get sued for such irresponsible repetition of an unsubstantiated claim. PZ could do the same about any one of us, get the same response from his horde, and with the same degree of validity. This is not justice. This is mob rule. This is not civilised.

  5. (responding to Welch, dunno if the ‘respond to this’ button is working)

    “She’s also afraid that the person who ASSAULTED her before could try to hurt her AGAIN.”

    That doesnt imply ‘professional’ injury, to me. It implies ‘another’ physical assault.

  6. Yeah, I love how the SJWs at FTB keepsaying things that amount to “Don’t bother reporting, ladies. Nothing will happen.” How is that a good thing to do?

    Now, as for this shermer thing… I’d hope he can’t be charged based off of her simply saying something. I know that’s pretty close w/ DV (just have injuries or be tearful) buuut this is like, sexual. And she really needs to get specific with it. Is she saying he drugged her drinks,or that he’s responsible for her drinks?

  7. Renee,
    I appear to have been perma-banned from the Slymepit.
    Not entirely sure why but I have e-mailed Dear Leader to at least ask.
    In case I don’t get a response, would you mind asking on my behalf?
    I was under the impression that I was, at most, a fairly dull bit of background noise over there – so I’m a bit surprised (to say the least).
    Much appreciated!


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