The Dream of Perfect People

This morning, while contemplating the magic concoction of caffeine in my coffee cup, thoughts of the recent allegations within the skeptic and atheist community regarding several prominent leaders whirled about like creamer stirred slowly in my brain. It’s the level of (gasp!) shock screamed across social networks that triggered one single thought: we think we’re special.

Atheists and skeptics are a subset of the human race. Human beings can be irrational, emotional, vile, ignorant, racist, sexist, criminal, and so much more. Somewhere along the way, a section of the atheist and skeptic community (online, anyway) began to think they were so much better than that. That simply because we are atheists and/or skeptics we are better than your average human being. Once this was firmly implanted in their minds, the very idea that there are less than perfect human beings rolling in our midst is unthinkable.

This perfect little sub-world is slowly waking up. Albeit very crankily.

One thought on “The Dream of Perfect People”

  1. Generalising, the skeptic community on social media has been like this for as long as I’ve known it. It can attract a certain type. Rejecting orthodox religion can indicate an Atheist, but it does not indicate a skeptic. That is a process; a continual effort at improving thinking, and a willingness to look at a position and admit you are wrong. This takes the most serious self-discipline, and many people – quite frankly – are shit at it.

    A large number of the arseholes in the community hold positions based purely on belief. Nothing more, or less. That’s a problem.

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