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Tom Erik Raspotnik – Stalker

Tom Erik Raspotnik (a satanist, a “doctor”, and a reverend):

Tom Erik Raspotnik
The good “Dr.” Tom Erik Raspotnik

This waste of planet space decided to call me “related to an orangutan”, a “ground sloth”, a cunt, and many other delightful things. Now, in full disclosure, I did call him a fat bastard and stated he clearly had no clue how social media works. But I thought I’d share both my Sound Cloud bits and a link to his.

This was all because I believe he is unfairly and unjustly putting out complete lies about Reap Paden and Reap’s girlfriend. Tom Erik Raspotnik calls himself a “freight expediter” which is a fancy way of saying he’s a truck driver (ok, he drives a van, not much difference). “Dr.” Raspotnik also gleefully admits to owing a crap ton of taxes and he’s avoided it by being paid cash rather than face up to what is legal. On top of all this, Tom Erik Raspotnik has accused Reap of sexually molesting his own daughter and much more.

In addition to the above, he states he will put out my photo to show everyone how fat and ugly I am. As I’m the one who puts out all my photos, I say more power to the dumbass. Tom Erik Raspotnik also says he’ll put out my already very public address, a picture of my house (also very public), and a map to direct people how to get there should they feel the insane desire to show up on our doorstep. In the same breath, he says *I’m* stalking him. As I’ve not reciprocated in any way, it seems the shoe is on the other foot.

So, without further ado, for your (dis)pleasure: Tom Erik Raspotnik – AKA Fat Bastard¬†and Fat Bastard’s own Sound Cloud.

Natalie Reed Instructs on Proper Likes

Are you reading from an approved list vetted by a social justice warrior (psst – it’s Natalie Reed again)? Bets are you aren’t. Read from bottom to top:

Natalie Reed counsels on Twitter regarding what is an appropriate "likes" response.
Natalie Reed counsels on Twitter regarding what is an appropriate “likes” response.

Now, now! You uneducated and uncultured people do not get to like what you actually like. You must select from some unseen list that has been officially approved by Natalie Reed!

Doesn’t she realize how very elitist she’s coming across? And for someone who accused Richard Dawkins of being an “unabashed white-supremacist”, isn’t her list of likes a bit on the pale side as well?