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Natalie Reed Instructs on Proper Likes

Are you reading from an approved list vetted by a social justice warrior (psst – it’s Natalie Reed again)? Bets are you aren’t. Read from bottom to top:

Natalie Reed counsels on Twitter regarding what is an appropriate "likes" response.
Natalie Reed counsels on Twitter regarding what is an appropriate “likes” response.

Now, now! You uneducated and uncultured people do not get to like what you actually like. You must select from some unseen list that has been officially approved by Natalie Reed!

Doesn’t she realize how very elitist she’s coming across? And for someone who accused Richard Dawkins of being an “unabashed white-supremacist”, isn’t her list of likes a bit on the pale side as well?

Melody Hensley and PTSD

I’m trying to figure this one out. And I admit that it may be an exercise of futility. However…

As a survivor of physical abuse when I was young, there are very specific scenarios I avoid so as to not trigger what I consider major panic attacks.

As a survivor of rape prior to going to Army basic training, there are very specific areas/places I avoid so as not to trigger what possibly could be considered PTSD (I’ve never been diagnosed with such so I won’t insult people by saying I have it).

Friends of mine with diagnosed PTSD actively avoid things, places, scenarios, etc. that will trigger episodes for them.

On the other hand, Melody Hensley specifically states that she has diagnosed PTSD from social media and yet constantly utilizes social media all the while vocalizing how bad her PTSD is from these social media sites.

Does anyone wonder why I smell a “professional victim” rat?

(for those who haven’t been following this story –