Social Media, Intent, and Unintended Consequences

I watched a video earlier this afternoon that started me thinking about the state of social media. I’ve written about Twitter before: how people will get upset over someone else’s single tweet and how in the long run, does one tweet really matter that much to the point where a social media, and sometimes mainstream media storm is created?
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Pre-Game Celebration is Offensive

I’m not a huge fan of American football. I used to be, but because it takes so long to play a game, I find I don’t really want to take nearly half a day to sit and watch a game on television anymore. One of the rituals that some teams have is a sort of victory dance in the end zone when they score a touchdown. It seems to excite the crowd and players as well.
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Has Atheism Made You a Better Person?

I’ve heard on more than one occasion, from more than one person that their being an atheist has made them a better person. I find that curious. How is it that atheism has influenced a persons life to the extent that suddenly they are now something that they were not before being an atheist?
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Mass Shootings. Can We Prevent Them?

So. Another mass shooting in America, this time, in a small town in Oregon at a community college. Along with most if not all of you, I am deeply saddened by this event. I feel for those families of the dead and wounded. What, if anything, are we as a society to do to prevent these shootings from occurring in the future?
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Immaturity of SJW’s

I really don’t understand some people’s hostility toward Richard Dawkins. Of course he’s a very high profile atheist and there are a lot of people that scrutinize every syllable he utters, especially on Twitter. It seems the man is unable to make a clear point about anything without some taking offense or at least pretend offense to what he says.
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