Blaming Others For Poor Choices

This is so sad, it’s actually a bit, well, funny.


In case you cannot read what is written on the poster board:

“I have a Master of Arts degree in women studies. However, the only job I can find is as a bartender at a local restaurant. I owe over 60K in student loans. I am forced to rely on foodstamps and W.I.C.* to support my son.Is this the “American Dream” I worked so hard for? I am the 99 percent.”

Then there’s a link to

I have no idea what Wall Street has to do with her poor decision making in choosing a career but it seems to be a fad.

Hat Tip to AtheistLoki who tweeted this picture with the response “You chose poorly”.

*Women Infants Children

A White Knight for Feminism

Joss Whedon to the rescue of the SJW’s!

Wait a minute! Isn’t he an old (50), rich, white man? Why do the feminists pay any attention to him?

Way to go with the KKK comparison!

This is why I don’t pay attention to any of the hollywood-types. Most of them are just stupid. Oh, and you know what Joss? The movies and TV shows you make? Have you looked at the demographics of your audience?

I wonder how many people you just lost.

I Don’t Think These Words Mean What You Think They Do

Hmmm, Nihilist and Misogynist?

I don’t think she knows what either of those words mean, but then I don’t make up my own definitions to words as the SJW’s always seem to do.