Can We Just Talk?

I see people complain about various social media platforms that they’re not very good at having a real discussion or debate on  any topic. Today, there was a tweet that said just that and I had to respond.
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Sorry for being away so long. I’ve been traveling a lot for business. If any of you do that, you understand. The little time at home is spent with family and preparing for the next flight.

While on the road though, I’ve been trying to keep in touch a little via Twitter. I’ve taken notice of some things that seem to bother me. I’ve not commented on them directly, and will attempt to do so now in this post.

Why is it that people that refer to themselves as skeptics take sides in what turns out to be personal issues between two or more people? Why do we, as skeptics, continue to hound the stupid? We all make mistakes. We all say things we later regret. Why hound people for those statements? Make your case and move on to something more productive.

Sure, there’s the “War on Women” meme. Look at yourself. Are you one of those people that are disparaging women because they don’t happen to ave the same ideals that you have?

I know, there’s a lot of stupid out there, and it does deserve a response. But why keep harping on statements that people will absolutely refuse to take back?

Let things go. Recognize stupidity where it exists and don’t be afraid to comment on those things. Where I’m at though is that once it’s said, it’s said. Nothing but bad occurs when we keep needling others.

Is it possible, in all the “issues” I keep seeing that we all return to being skeptical. It’s not hard. It has to do with not taking one side over another.

I’m not saying criticism shouldn’t be offered when it’s needed. Let’s stop with the constant ridicule.

Let’s get back to skepticism.

I’ll try to start blogging more, even when on the road. Again, I apologize for being away so long.

Call For a New Co-Host

Most of you probably don’t know, but I am a co-host of the podcast, “Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes”.
We’ve been off a while, mostly due to personal and professional issues but we’re starting back up. You can listen to our latest here.
What we’re looking for is another woman that would be available on Saturdays, every Saturday, for a podcast. Now, there might be dates missed, because of the above reasons, but the one selected must be available every Saturday.
Requirements? Well, first, you must be a woman. Second, a skeptic. We like people with open minds, that question what they hear or read.
What do we discuss? Pretty much everything. We try to have guests on every weekend to discuss any and all topics that involve Atheism and Skepticism. No, the job doesn’t pay anything. Neither Renee or I receive any renumeration for this podcast. We want smart, pithy, and funny. That’s it.
If you’re interested, please DM Renee at @kellysgal and me at @jeh704 on Twitter. There’s no real interview. It’s more about that you’re interested, can be there, and are a skeptic.
We’d love to have you. If you’re interested, please let us know. If you have questions, the same applies. Just tweet us, we’ll reply.