Mental Illness Part ?? and other stuff.

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog *try* to stay anonymous but I really don’t like being referred to as MOMM. It seems impersonal and since I can’t change my username(no big deal) I am just going to sign off with my real one. I don’t really care about exposing myself but the people that I am close to have mental illnesses that I want to shield or at least they want me not to talk about them.

On the subject of mental illness I wonder when the stigma will wear off. In some ways it already has. It has gotten a lot better at least from a societal standpoint in the US. The sad part is that lately mental illness facilities have been underfunded or shutdown. This is not a good thing. It may just be in the part of the country I am in(The Southeast) but I have heard from other folks that this is the case in at least some other areas of the country.

On a side note: I am thinking about consolidating my blogs. I have a few on tumblr each relating to a particular aspect of my life: gaming and software development. I think the gaming will spill over as well as my general blog(Prepare for some future anime posts)


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