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Hunting – Somewhat pro

Living in Louisiana I have a good number of hunter friends. Most of them are deer hunters. I have no problem with hunting when a population needs to be culled to prevent overpopulation. I wonder though how many hunters are out there versus deer. Even though I am not against hunting I don’t get hunting deer because they are generally non-aggressive. For a sporting chance maybe someone could bio-engineer animals like deer with long range weapons or some type of stun gun. Then it would be more a sport.

Football Fans

I thought about writing this article after an altercation with an LSU fan that I had recently. I mentioned how much I am not deeply into college football and dislike hard core fans who belittle other fans teams. Ok, and I may have said that I didn’t care for LSU football which prompted him to call me something akin to a traitor. Whatever.

I live pretty close to Baton Rouge so there are lot of Tiger fans where I am from particularly the hard core ones. I lived and worked in Baton Rouge for a while too. I loved living in Baton Rouge but the one drawback was having to deal with some insufferable LSU fans. I know that its only a sizeable portion of fans who are like that way. Notice I used fans and wasn’t specific to a team because there are tons of fans like this especially in the SEC. Its like a religion over here though to say that to some is heresy.

I know that there are positive aspects of following a team. There is a bond between fans of teams and that is awesome. Children can share a point of interest about a team with their parents which increases the bond(Not that the bond is not strong already).

I still follow sports and I love to watch but I have been tempered by seeing fans of teams(Ones I support and opponents) just rip into them or worse come to fisticuffs.

Mental Illness Whirlwind

Things have settled down for my family in recent days. The family member I have with a severe mental illness(How many people strip down in public?) decided to go on two late night trips in a car and ended up being picked up by cops but not arrested. The person was put into a mental facility 400 miles away during the first trip which meant we could not visit that often.

On earlier post someone has made an astute comment about how there is unlikely to be a cure for mental illness. I would hope at some point that the drugs improve and reduce the number of times mental illness patients have to hospitalized.

Mental Illness: A Vent

Dealing with mental illness from the perspective of a family member especially a parent or sibling can be a difficult thing especially if the loved one with the mental illness is generally in a high energy combative state. I know such a person and without going into too detail its a difficult thing. Family members who deal with such a person tend to be non-reactive as possible but it is difficult when you face a barrage of accusations and loud word salad soliloquies for the nth time.

It is particularly troubling when the former occurs because it is usually conveyed in a loud and angry manner. I usually try to ignore it too unless it gets out of hand. I do struggle with letting “antics” like that go. A great part of me wants to resolve the conflict but that is difficult when the person you are trying to talk to lacks the capacity at the moment to understand.

I really wonder there will be a cure for most mental illness in my lifetime. It seems unlikely but part of me has always been an optimist so there is that.

Mental Illness Part ?? and other stuff.

One of the things I wanted to do with this blog *try* to stay anonymous but I really don’t like being referred to as MOMM. It seems impersonal and since I can’t change my username(no big deal) I am just going to sign off with my real one. I don’t really care about exposing myself but the people that I am close to have mental illnesses that I want to shield or at least they want me not to talk about them.

On the subject of mental illness I wonder when the stigma will wear off. In some ways it already has. It has gotten a lot better at least from a societal standpoint in the US. The sad part is that lately mental illness facilities have been underfunded or shutdown. This is not a good thing. It may just be in the part of the country I am in(The Southeast) but I have heard from other folks that this is the case in at least some other areas of the country.

On a side note: I am thinking about consolidating my blogs. I have a few on tumblr each relating to a particular aspect of my life: gaming and software development. I think the gaming will spill over as well as my general blog(Prepare for some future anime posts)


The News Media : One of many future posts

I am a big fan of I have read that site for many years but I wanted to comment on a particular post that irked me.  Daniel Polti wrote an article today called “Norway’s Prime Minister Spends Afternoon Working as Taxi Driver to Hear From Voters”. In it he called what the Prime Minister did a stunt. Interesting choice for a word and one that I would not use in this case.

I did not expect to feel that way necessarily because I am generally not a fan of politicians but if they guy took that feedback to heart then it is a great thing that maybe more politicians need to do.

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Brains and Analogy

Brain conditions are a mess. I refer to them as conditions vs disease because most if not all are non contagious.

My brain condition is Multiple Sclerosis(MS for short). While it has affected me quite a bit I am lucky that the condition progression has mainly stalled. The one area that has affected me is energy capacity. I have a very small battery capacity.

Some people don’t like thinking our ourselves as machines or in my case using the battery analogy but it is a good one. I am not saying we are a cold machine i.e. unfeeling. I am just saying that there are some analogies in the engineering realm that are apropos in describing our biology functions.

There are those religious folk who believe that using such analogies insults God because according to them we are the pinnacle of creation and made in his image.

The made in God’s image argument is interesting to me because I am sure if God exists and created the world then God could probably change into any form. If that is the case does God have a true physical form? There is also the gender aspect of God(God is a male). If God could take any shape or form what is to say it is a human male?

Doubt and Knowledge

Doubt is an interesting subject when it comes to some theists.
For instance, if I start a sentence with “If God exists” then they take that as an affront to their religion. If they are offended by that starting phrase then it is sad because I usually don’t talk any further unless they have an open mind.

It isn’t that they don’t have doubts. We pretty much all do whether we admit or not. The issue is the subject matter: The possibly of God’s nonexistence. One could even surmise that there is a slim possibility for God’s nonexistence and those theists would take offense to that.

With that rigid thinking, I am amazed that among them exist scientists but then again the human condition is chock of full of inconsistencies and rationalizations. For the record, I have my fair share of both. I was somewhat a rigid thinker though I really was more of a person who empathized pretty well. It wasn’t until college that I gained skills that helped me from then on.

There were two college courses that had a tremendous impact on me. The first was a very difficult symbolic logic class that give me valuable critical thinking skills. If I were head of education in this country then I would suggest that a much lighter symbolic logic be offered in schools.

The second class in college that shaped me was a class on the history of technology and science. It opened my eyes to how certain technologies transformed society. The one technology that pushed us forward(and sometimes backward) was the invention of the printing press. Before the printing press, books were replicated by monks. A time consuming effort that often lead to mistakes.

I brought up the printing press because it brings me back to certain evangelicals who believe in the infallibility of the 
Bible. As if the hand of God wrote those scrolls that were compiled in a book. There is a possibility(however remote in my estimation) that someone transcribed God’s words into scrolls over human history. Given all the errors in transcription that have occurred and the fact that there were many books left out of the Bible(The book of Mary comes to mind). It isn’t that hard for someone who understands Bible history to come to the conclusion that the Bible isn’t infallible. The same goes for any book on any subject.

Mental Illness

I deal with people mental issues a lot. Without going into too much detail I have a family member who has a severe mental illness.
One day when I was visiting that person in the mental hospital. When we arrived there was a group of people visiting a woman who had some sort of mental illness. One of the men was praying over her and asking the demons to leave her. When visitation ended and we were walking through the hallway I wanted to tell him something because I was mildly incensed. How could a person think like that? Was his friend more susceptible to demons than us regular folks? I don’t he really thought that far and that is part of the problem. Religion has a tendency to suspend all critical thinking in certain areas.

A more substantial post is coming in the future if the magical time fairy and magical energy fairy give me a boost.