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The Information Silo is a meta concept that describes how liberals, conservatives, creationists and other closed groups only associate with their like-kinds and get all their information from the same biased sources. This tends to produce unthinking, unaware, ideologically-drive reactionaries instead of skeptical, independent thinkers. In the atheist/skeptic community, this would be Free Thought Blogs and their associates though they certainly aren’t the only ones.

I don’t do that because I know the dangers of only listening to your side (having been burned in my younger days) in an uncritical fashion. So, I like to read feminist leaning sites because in the reams of bullshit, sometimes there is a good point. But I also like to read conservative/independent women’s sites because they too, sometimes, have a good point (either directly or in opposition).

Today, I ran into this:

Patriarchy Update: Prominent Liberal Says It’s Dead

Charlotte Hays

In a new epilogue to her book The End of Men: And the Rise of Women, Hanna Rosin, the prominent liberal writer, proposes a radical (in some quarters) idea: that the patriarchy, routinely blamed by feminists for holding women back, is dead.

Rosin begins by describing that inevitable moment when she is giving a speech or appearing on a panel and an angry woman stands up to denounce the patriarchy:

“Can you say that word? PATRIARCHY?” This woman was not gunning for a laugh; she was dead serious, and pretty angry. She looked to be 30 or so, and from the way she spoke seemed well-educated—the type of woman I portray in the book as benefiting from the new era of female dominance, when women are better prepared for the current economy and have more independence to choose their life path

Rosin, however, argues that this overlooks the progress women have made, which should be cause for celebration. Rosin calls attachment to the notion of a harmful patriarchy, as expressed by such women, an “irrational attachment to the concept of unfair.” She writes:

I understand that the big picture is not always reflected in women’s daily experience of life. Maybe a woman has an overbearing husband or a retrograde boss or just a lingering problem that has no name. But as a collective, it sometimes feels that women look too closely at the spot right in front of us. This is a moment, unprecedented in history—and also pretty confusing—when young women who work how they want and have sex how they want may also quilt and can fruits. When working-class women who quietly leave the only steady paycheck on the kitchen table every week may still believe that a man is the God-ordained head of the household. So I want to tell these women who are seeing only oppression: Look around.

The full article is here: And while I don’t agree with everything written on the site. I find that they make a good point with this article.

EDIT: Having editor problems so I can’t properly hot-link and I don’t know the HTML code off hand and need to get on with my day.

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