Because James Got Me thinking: My Response Elevated from the SlymePit

James Caruthers Freethoughtblogs and Skepchick hate the term “PC” with a passion.

And the creeps at NAMBLA hate being called child molesters. Boo hoo. [/snark]

‘PC’ is an appropriate label for their stifling attempts in regard to thought, speech and debate as they continue to try and force their ‘identity politics’ down our throats without anyone being able to respond substantively, in any fashion, without being attacked as ‘misogynist, racist, regressive, etc.’ Shades of Animal Farm and 1984.

Take rape (something that (apparently) all white ‘cis-gendered’ males have obviously committed) as an example. If you point out that the feminist far-left is awash in bogus statistics for both incidence of rape (25% of women) and incidenceĀ  of false-claims of rape (Brownmiller’s made-up just 2%), you’re a misogynist rape-apologist and the discussion (and therefore policy making) becomes entirely one-sided. And one-sided discussions with complex issues are fraught with ‘solutions’ that are often draconian and unworkable responses to the problems.

How about rape prevention? If you point out that there is substantial evidence that HEAVY DRINKING of alcohol increases the chance of a woman being raped, you’re now ‘victim blaming.’ If you point out that women who fight their attackers have, on average, a better chance of stopping the rapist and preventing the rape, you’re (once again) victim blaming. And it is to the point that any risk management advice one can give is now off the table.

And we have other thorny problems. What happens when you point out that most rapes are same ‘ethnic’ group? And that black women are raped at a significantly higher rate then white women? Now we have competing identity politics PC issues.

Are you a racist for pointing that out? Or a misogynist by failing to mention it? Does that justify police programs that clearly target black men because we ‘know’ (quote mining material that observed cliche) they’re ‘inherently criminal?’ Does that justify white feminists starting ad campaigns in predominantly black neighborhoods? If they did so would they be ‘pro-women’ or ‘racists?’ Does that justify harsher, longer and earlier-in-criminal-career sentencing of black men?

Can any of these topics be discussed? Sadly, no. They cannot be discussed and we cannot get to the truth of any matter because of political correctness.

So, they don’t like ‘PC.’ Tough shit. They make finding the truth and formulating effective policies nearly impossible.

And for a technocrat like myself. That’s a sin.

One thought on “Because James Got Me thinking: My Response Elevated from the SlymePit

  1. shadowofadoubt

    Well said, reminds me of an old video game where the thief character got pissed off whenever someone called him a thief instead of a “treasure hunter” as he preferred.

    If it looks like shit and smells like shit and tastes like shit…. it’s probably shit, regardless of what it wants to be called.


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