Do Not Think Of The Word “Cat”

Do not think of the word “cat.” How can one NOT think “cat” when told not to? It’s almost impossible for most people.

I played a rather mean little bible lesson on a YouTuber (Joshua Robinson AKA Lord Popo) who was upset at my 2010 video called “God Is A Loser.” My response was based on the “don’t think of…” mind trick.

In the christian bible rulebook, blaspheming against the holy ghost (aka holy spirit) is the one sin that their god will not forgive. Do it and you’re going to hell for sure, no matter how much you may later repent, regret, and accept jesus, etc.

From the comment page of my video…

Joshua Robinson 2 days ago Oh Btw, Can you block me I can’t stand the sight of your face and your “bad mouthing” Needs to get clean, literally. Just looking at your teeth screams SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! x.x

ScentedNectar 1 day ago Oh my! I see you are still upset at the things I said in the video against your magical invisible superhero friend.

Grow up kid! Insults mean nothing. What DOES mean something is: can you actually argue against the points I made?

Joshua Robinson 2 hours ago You mean the point you made that you are a incredible loser that you are? Sweety listen…you and this “magical invisible superhero friend” suck okay? :) LOL You’re one to talk. You must not been paying any attention to your own comments. So before you tell someone to grow up you should seriously catch up to your age and bake those home made gandma cookie like you’re suppose to. But anyway I’m not upset, I simply came here for the laughs. “Your God Sucks” Lmao! That face you made, golden! :)

ScentedNectar 55 minutes ago Keep pretending that you’re here to make fun of my looks. I know that the real reason you’re upset is that I questioned the silly things you believe. I showed you that you gullibley believe in supernatural tales written by schizophrenic goat herders centuries ago.

I could look like Frankenstein and you’d still be the loser. You’d still be the one believing in fairy tales. You’d still believe a magic being is listening in to your thoughts and will judge you for them after you die. Stupid or what!

Joshua Robinson 2 hours ago Oh look, a woman who doesn’t know any better. What are the odds?

ScentedNectar 50 minutes ago To help you not look so stupid here, here’s a tip: Argue the points. I don’t give a fuck if you can think up insults. Can you think up actual logical responses to the points I’ve raised?

Hahahah, didn’t think so. :)

Did you know that if you deny the holy spirit, that’s the only sin your god can’t forgive? I dare you to think the words “I deny the holy spirit”. If you can’t prevent yourself from saying it even once in your head, then you are doomed to hell.

You’re lucky god doesn’t really exist!

Lord Popo 35 minutes ago You probably didn’t get it by now so I’ll help you understand. I don’t care about your “Argue”. I ended it the moment I told you how suckish you were.

Oh look,a woman who is talking back to her far younger superior. What are the odds?

ScentedNectar 22 minutes ago Your phobia of aging is going to bite you in the ass IF you are lucky enough to reach my age. Hahahahah.

Hey did you read where I wrote “I deny the holy spirit”? Just by reading it, you have now said those words in your mind.

It’s the one sin your imaginary god will not forgive according to your magic bible rulebook. Are you looking forward to hell? No repentance or apologies or praying will save you now. Only the fact that your god is a fake will save you.

ScentedNectar 12 minutes ago Also…

The blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. Matthew 12:31

He that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation. Mark 3:29

Unto him that blasphemeth against the Holy Ghost it shall not be forgiven. Luke 12:10

Repeat after me: I deny the holy ghost. The holy ghost is a pile of bullshit. The holy ghost is fake.

Now relax. There are no gods. No one’s reading your mind. There’s no afterlife so there’s no torture awaiting.


I hope he’ll panic at what he’s done (thought the words), and then seriously question whether there is any good evidence for the belief he’s hellbound. Maybe he’ll read the entire bible for the first time, hoping for some sort of ‘get out of jail’ clause. Maybe reading the entire bible will do to him what it does to many others – they become disbelievers.


  1. Some thoughts on both the video and the comments:

    1) The connection between the serpent in Eden and Satan is, IMO, tenuous at best. Genesis never actually refers to the serpent as Satan. In fact, as far as I’m aware, nothing in the bible even possibly makes the connection until Revelation. And even that isn’t explicit. Add to this that God cursed the serpent with a physical ailment, something that wouldn’t bother a fallen angel, and that until the New Testament, Satan wasn’t actually considered evil, and I’d say that they’re two different entities.

    2) Noah didn’t sleep with his own son. In Genesis 9, Ham is the one who did something wrong, not Noah.

    3) Why does God have a gender? The answer really is, for once, patriarchy. In ancient societies, anyway. Nowadays it’s just tradition.

    4) Just like merely thinking the word “nigger” isn’t necessarily racist, merely thinking the words “I deny the holy spirit” isn’t necessarily blasphemy. One has to actually believe it.

  2. 1) 2) I won no awards for accuracy with that video. :)

    3) Feminists should be prioritizing the fight against theocracies if they really want to end the remaining patriarchies left in the world.

    4) You are probably right, but I don’t think Robinson/Popo thought of it that way. He came back to the comments saying something about how I can’t make him read it.

  3. I’m not Christian, but I know that Christian teaching holds that if you’re able to repent and regret the action of supposedly “Denying the Holy Spirit,” then you haven’t actually committed the “blasphemy.” So you really haven’t accomplished anything.

  4. I guess they have to try and rationalize it somehow. I’m not sure what “Christian teaching” you are talking about, but I’ll bet it says that no where in the actual bible. :D

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